DNA of a successful team

We believe that the success of any type and size of organisation depends upon the effectiveness of a team unit or what we like to call - a 'team DNA'. Now, while there is a lot of literature on how to manage teams, we felt like there was no comprehensive, easy to follow guide on how to form an actual team to facilitate effective communication and stellar productivity. In this ebook you will learn that it all starts with, firstly, recognising individual qualities of each team member and then ensuring that they are assigned a task that would allow each of them to play on their key strengths. This is the secret sauce recipe to forming an A-Star team! Download the ebook to learn more!

e- book



Content of the e-book

  1. Team

  2. Clarity, Confidence, Context and Cohesion AND...?

  3. Overview of the roles within a team

  4. Qualities of each team role The Special Sauce

  5. Taking time out to keep the glue strong