Switch off from the tech

When did you last “switch off” from the tech in your life?

For some, the answer is conceivably “never” or “impossible” or “what is this switching off you speak of?!”

Whether it’s streaming your current binge-watch TV series, checking emails, pouring over your Facebook likes or posting that sleepy-eyed heavily hashtagged “I’m wearing PJ’s by XYZ” on Insta, our digital devices are often the last thing we look at before we sleep…

...and the first thing we grope for bleary-eyed in the morning after we stop hitting the snooze button.


“Always On”

Our reliance on devices comes from living in a digital age of being almost perpetually switched on, joined at the hip (or rather eye, ear and finger) when it comes to our digital devices.

Most of us seemingly can’t live without the convenience, connectedness and communication our devices bring, and yet with this has come a growing awareness that this ‘need’ has become more like obsession.

The facts support this. Recent studies point to people checking their mobile/cell phones on average 80 times a day, with some as many 150, which equates to nearly every 6 minutes!

This has led many in the community, from Mental Health organisations to (our dark overlords) Apple to new ‘movements’ such as the Center for Humane Technology, forming the view that we consider more seriously how much time we spend on our devices and how to manage this.


The Digital Detox

What has emerged from concerns about over use of devices is the notion of the digital detox.

In the same way we might do a liver detox to counter those Friday (well-deserved!) knock-off drinks, the digital detox has become a thing.

A huge, very real thing.

Within a business or professional context, the idea of the digital detox may seem completely counter-intuitive, if not impossible.

How can it be done in a highly interconnected commercial world?

How can any business operate or any professional get their job done without using a digital, connected device of some kind?

While the immediate response might be “it can’t!!”, digital detox retreats for businesses are taking off, with great results for both the individual and the business.

The primary challenge facing businesses around taking a digital detox is what is all too easy to label the “millennial condition”.



Just as with personal FOMO felt from being too long absent on social media, FOMO - or as we like to call it “FOMOP” (“Fear Of Missing Out on Profit”) is understandably the primary concern businesses will have when considering organising a digital detox retreat.

Fear of missing out on new business.

Fear of the work not getting done.

Fear of not completing a contract by the deadline.

However, when the range of benefits - team building,  improving productivity, enhancing positivity and mental health and more - that come with Staying Unplugged are considered, a digital detox retreat is the ideal way to build community, solidarity and purpose among staff.

The most effective way to do this is by completely disconnecting from digital, allowing staff to recharge their personal batteries while reconnecting to those with who they spend a huge chunk of their time - their workmates.

It’s challenging - super challenging - and upon arriving at a digital detox retreat comes the most difficult challenge of all...handing over those devices.

*cue dramatic music*

Which is why for the digital detox to be at its most effective, it’s best located in off-the-grid locations.

Think Faroe, Denmark.
Azores, Portugal.
El Hierro, Spain.
Lofoten, Norway.

These destinations and others Stay Unplugged are lining up for digital detox retreats are particularly renowned for their both their stunning natural beauty and remoteness. Heading to a retreat at one of these destinations allows teams to disconnect from so much of the modern world, unplugged from their devices and plugged back into themselves and their colleagues

With challenge comes reward

At the commencement of the digital detox retreat, giving up digital devices will be possibly a little anxiety inducing for some. But once your team settles into such beautiful surroundings, completely immersed in one of our carefully thought out, engaging and immersive digital detox programs filled with delicious food, fun games and a range of activities that will suit almost anyone, some of your team may not want their devices back!

Investing in a digital detox retreat is the first and most important major step you might take on the road to improving a team’s corporate wellness, so don’t hesitate - begin planning your businesses digital detox retreat today.

Hana Javurkova